quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012

Merkel "two face"

I have seen the last movies of Superman and I cannot avoid the resemblance between Merkel and the super hero "two face". The hero from  the beggining of the movie becames the most instable and impredictable character bringuing some balance to the world rulled before only by extreme heroes and anti-heroes.

Merkel was for Portugal a true "two face" in the sence that punished many corrupted men by calling their attention for the extravagances spending the money that was not theirs and at same time helping Portugal  with the financial rescue plan. The problem will be how to pay in the future the millions that were requested. The people will pay for the ones that made negotiations with the banks. If at same time Portugal realises cannot spend more that earns it´s impressive how their leaders still don´t understand how to pay what the country didn´t produce yet. I guess Merkel was the only reliable personage able to show the world this existence of " a new balance" where in one coin (euro) you can always find two faces.

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