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Where and what to do in the north of Portugal?

Many people believe that only Algarve or Lisbon are nice locations to visit
in Portugal. In fact the interior of Portugal has more history and fun that you can possible imagine...and guess what? Many of those interior locations are less expensive to go in Holidays.
You can discover great Castels of Portugal like " O Castelo de Gimarães"or enjoy the less poluted river in all europe " Rio olô" In Amarante. And because the nature is green and precious in this part of the country you can make many radical sports like kayak, body jumping in " Marão".
But what is really great in this area is definally the food, you will find thousands of traditional dishes for a very low price and great quality " Anho assado no forno" "Tripas à moda do Porto" " Arroz de Cabidela"...the list is endless and the monuments that you can see also...If you wish for instance to visit the " Torre dos Clérigos" in Porto, a place considered by many as the hightist point in the second biggest city in Portugal you will not pay more that 5 euros!!!
There are many rural hotels of very hight quality to rest and to know totally different people like " Casa da Calçada" or even less known secret places like " Casa de S.Faustino de Fridão". 
If you are a traveller and if you enjoy the unknown and rich historical places you should visit the only part of the world where " vinho verde" is made.

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