domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Is the dealer that exploits the buyer or the buyer that exploits the dealer?

This text is for somebody that regulary reads my blog and comments my texts.
 Is always positive when somebody can critize you because it means that at least you are not ignored.
 In one of my texts I wrote about cannabis and it seemed not clear what I did  meant by exploiting: the exploitation is made in both ways: first because the dealer needs the buyer and for that reason will always take advantage of his "need" or "weekness" in order to sell his product. In the other side the dealer (in this case the primary source of the dealing, the farmers) are also exploited because they work hardly and in many cases they only get 10% per cent of the profit of their work. Many of the great producers of Cannabis are located in underdeveloped countries where people see the cultivation of those plants as the only source of survival. The same farmers are constantly taking criminal risks for their work and for that reason some companies related with the textile industrie, take advantage of this "cool" and "trendy" image that cannabis has in order to sell also their product. Why this companies don´t make publicity with cotton and develop new fabrics in this extraordinaire fibre? Why they don´t pay properlly and give proper work conditions to those that most need? I guess exploitation is the dream of many but only some are able to get the right profit and I don´t belive that those are the ones that smoke it...

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