quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Please just let me be fat!

I`m writting this text because I can´t stand  anymore the idea that everybody has to eat diet produtcs and everybody should always show some social status while buying for instance in "delhaize"some  bio products! In north european countries this conception is almoust ironic: while everybody searches an healthy life based in alimentation  they smoke everything they can, and use the most entoxicant cosmetics produts, showing no mercy or whatsoever for the environment and for themselfes.
 Today I took half an hour searching for a regular fat cooking cream, I found more than 5 different types all diet! Or with some kind of inscription: 15% this, or 30% percent that...let me live people and apreciate a good steak with regular room!
 This sickness for diet produtcs can be related also with cloths made just for shinny people that many times look anorethic or suffering from an aneurism of honger...Please let me jump and feel some flesh vibrating and use large cloths, more confortable and more adaptable to the space and to the life circunstances. This thing of living always between  tight cloths makes me think than one day many women and men will suffer from bad blood circulation and when old regreat from that wonderfull dish that they didn´t eat because they could only buy diet produtcs!

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