sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Facebook: The end of lonliness for many or the beginning of a total empty era?

Carlos Paredes, a portuguese musician and artist used to say: " If you don`t have anything to say or to write it`s a crime if you still keep writting or speaking." When I remember his music and his silence I find amazing this conclusion, specially knowing that Carlos Paredes never used facebook or ever had contact with a mobile phone.
Nowadays we open Facebook everywhere: at work, at home in the free time...and we realise how entertainning but at same time how "empty" it can be. I don`t know how any of my friends didn`t remeber yet of publishing in the status of facebook something like: I`m in the mode "bathroom"...
The mystery of relations seems to be finished, there aren´t any more mysterious man or women because they are all in facebook. The love letters are dead and many of the suspense of a new love easilly becames regular with the overload of photos, personal information, profiles...
Despite of everything I have to admit that I use and like facebook but I have to say that sometimes I feel nausceous with the intervention of "very inteligent" people that want to share everything....maybe I should just go now and write an ironic statment like: "I feel like scratching my leg"...the absurd of this is I know I would have plenty of reactions.

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